Extra Curriculars

Extracurricular Programs

We offer a variety of after school programs to build school spirit, positive outlets, and healthy relationships. The following are some of our ongoing school programs: 

*NEW* Virtual Book Club- hosted weekly online with a teacher. Students select a book to read together and enjoy lively conversations and deep discussions of the book. This is a great way for students to build friendships and friendly bonds with peers who have similar interests. 

Sports- Sports is a great way to teach teamwork, collaboration and confidence. At Suffah, we offer variety of sports, such as soccer, basketball, martial arts and field hockey during school and after school to maintain a healthy body and mind! 

Cooking Club- For over 5 years now, we have hosted after school cooking club to encourage boys and girls to learn this particularly important life skill. Students not only engage in learning new recipes and making delicious foods, but they also learn kitchen safety and expressing their culinary creativity!  

Board games- who doesn’t like a Battleship challenge or owning the highest priced land in Monopoly! Board games are not only a fun way to socialize with friends, but also build critical thinking with games like checkers, scrabble, connect 4 and even Catan! 

Coming Soon …


Media and Photography- In this fast-paced technological society, media is one of the fastest evolving industries. In this club, want students will learn the influence of media and the impact of a powerful visual statement. They will then learn to change the narrative through creating their own stories and expressing through photography, Ads, and short films. 

Student Government – Contrary to popular belief that leadership is only a natural talent, we believe that leadership is a skill that is honed and built with the right tools and self-confidence. 

In this club, students will represent the student body and take on initiatives of their interest to learn essential skills in planning, organizing, and communicating.