Grades 1-8

Enhanced Learning:

Suffah Academy offers a rigorous program in which core subjects are enhanced with advanced learning for students at every grade level. Differentiated instruction ensures student needs and student learning styles are met, in accordance with Howard Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences, while integrating and incorporating Islamic Values and Knowledge. Students connect their learning in secular subjects such as Science, Math or Art with Ayat in the Quran and relevant historical events in Islamic History.

Coding and Computer Literacy

Suffah Academy has been offering Coding and Computer Literacy to students from Grade 1 since 2015. As part of the development in critical thinking and innovation, coding plays a key role as students learn the fundamentals of creating their own work and applying critical thinking skills to the world around them. As 21st Century learners, computer literacy is essential to equip them with the tools to navigate their lives in this technological society, while learning the importance of Online Safety and being responsible with technology.

Art, Drama and Wellness:

Our enrichment programs include visual arts, drama and wellness courses that foster holistic education and the development of cultured individuals. Students look forward to opportunities to showcase their talents and skills in areas of enrichment!