Our Early Childhood Education Program comprises three stages: Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten.

Each stage is carefully designed to meet the specific developmental needs of children within their respective age ranges. Our program focuses on developing the whole child in a holistic way, encompassing a solid foundation of the deen (Islamic teachings) while fostering a love for learning. We have adapted Montessori learning philosophies to create an enriching educational experience centered around five key goals:

1- Islamic Environment with daily adhkaar, short surahs, manners and loving Allah.
2- Creativity and Artistic Development through nature, outdoor play, and sensory activities.
3- Emotional and Social Well Being by developing a positive self-concept and opportunities to gain confidence and competence.
4- Intellectual Development by actively involving children in their learning as they ask questions, solve problems, and reflect on their own thinking.
5 – Physical Development and Well Being by providing children with experiences to help them learn about their growth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.