What are the Core Values of Suffah Academy?

Suffah Academy is among the top Islamic schools of Canada. The school not only focuses on academic excellence, but the holistic growth of each and every student. Suffah Academy has a set of core values that are reflected in each of its aspects and the faculty tries to inculcate these values in the students as well. The core values of the Suffah Academy are listed and explained below –

  1. Respect – At Suffah Academy, all relationships have the foundation of respect and compassion. Students are expected to not just respect their teachers and seniors, but also their peers and juniors. They are taught to talk respectfully and courteously to everyone. Furthermore, they are encouraged to respect everyone irrespective of their ethnicity, nationality or religion. 
  2. Integrity – Moral uprightness is an important core value at Suffah Academy. Students are encouraged to always speak the truth, engage in morally upright behaviour and take accountability for their actions. 
  3. Creativity – At Suffah Academy, we respect the unique qualities and talents of every student and encourage them to explore their interests and unlock their creative potential. Suffah Academy also provides support to students who want to pursue art, music, dance, theatre and other extracurricular activities seriously through dedicated clubs and events. 
  4. Sunnah – Sunnah is the way of the prophet and it is the supreme guide at the Suffah Academy. Students are instructed on the traditional customs and practices of Islam and encouraged them to imbibe them. There are several programs like the Tahfeedh program,evening Quran classes, weekly Tafseer program and daily prayers and Jumuah Salah to help the students understand the Quran and the Islamic way of life. 
  5. Happiness – What is life without happiness? Suffah Academy believes that there should be happiness in everything that one does. The faculty at Suffah Academy try to make learning a fun process in which students enjoy. They also reward the students for their good performance and behavior so that they feel a sense of fulfillment and achievement. The Charity in Action program helps students realise the joy of giving by distributing food, clothing, and other necessities to the residents of shelters in Toronto. 

Looking for an Islamic school that balances modernity with Islamic principles in Mississauga, Canada? Then check out the Suffah Academy! Suffah Academy provides an enriched learning environment to students from Pre- Kindergarten to Grade 8 and ensures that the students understand and embrace Islamic beliefs with sincerity and grow into human beings with self-confidence and integrity. Write to us at info@suffahacademy.ca to know more about the school. 

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