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How Does the Suffah

Academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad go hand-in-hand at the Suffah Academy. The objective of the school is to help students understand the Islamic way of life and follow it. There are several programs and practices at the Suffah Academy which focus on helping students understand the Sunnah and embrace traditional Islamic customs and practices. Here is a short summary of those programs – 

  1. Tahfeedh program – Suffah Academy understands that the best way for Muslim students to follow Prophet Mohammad’s way of life is by understanding, memorizing and reciting the Quran. The Tahfeedh program focuses on not just helping the students understand the memorize but the Quran, but also beautifying their recitations (Tajweed). The academy offers a full time Tahfeedh program and a program which fuses academics and Tahfeedh.
  2. Daily Prayers and Jumuah Salah – The Rowdah Centre is a place of worship for the local community and everybody is welcome to participate in the prayers led by Huffadh alumni of Suffah Academy’s youth programs. The Rowdah centre has 5 daily salah, 3 Jumuah Salah, evening Quran program and weekly Tafseer.
  3. Evening Quran class – The Suffah Academy has an evening Quran Program which is taught by qualified teachers. It is designed to teach children to recite the Quran, memorize Suwar, and help them understand basic Islamic teachings.
  4. Weekly Tafseer Program – The weekly Tafseer program is a great program where students and families get together on Friday evenings to learn about the meanings and explanation of the Quran. The session is led by Imam Salman, who has conducted various halaqahs for 15+ years.

Looking for an Islamic school that balances modernity with Islamic principles in Mississauga, Canada? Then check out the Suffah Academy! Suffah Academy provides an enriched learning environment to students from Pre- Kindergarten to Grade 8 and ensures that the students understand and embrace Islamic beliefs with sincerity and grow into human beings with self-confidence and integrity. Write to us at to know more about the school.