Suffah Academy is an Islamic school in Milton focused on providing an enriched learning environment to students from Pre- Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our school, one of the top Muslim schools in Canada, has cultivated a culture that encourages not only academic excellence but holistic growth. Our emphasis is to ensure that our students develop into individuals with strong character and leadership traits. Our values have their foundation in Islamic beliefs based on the Sunnah of our Prophet (peace be upon him). We follow the Ontario Curriculum for all core subjects, with the addition of Arabic, Islamic Studies, French, Visual Arts, Drama, Wellness, Computer Science, and Robotics. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities at our school which help in promoting all-round

development. Our students excel at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum and they have an array of extra-curricular activities to choose from including Jiu-Jitsu, Culinary Arts, Pottery, Public Speaking, Robotics, Entrepreneurship, and Indoor Soccer. Our teaching methodologies are student-centered and they have been developed keeping in mind that every child is unique. The experienced and qualified faculty members at Suffah Academy not only impart textbook knowledge to students but help them embrace Islamic beliefs with sincerity and grow into human beings with self-confidence and integrity



All Islamic schools provide a sound Islamic education with emphasis in Quran and Tarbiyah.  We are honored to be part of our Islamic School community in providing and serving our community to best educate and establish the Islamic Way. With an emphasis in our STEM and Coding Programs to foster critical thinking in young minds, our Islamic Studies Curriculum, Quran Classes, Hifdh Program, and Character Building Workshops are all part of our ongoing and continuous efforts in raising young Muslims with a strong Muslim Identity in today’s society.


Our Mission is to provide children with a safe, caring environment embedded in Islamic teachings, build good character, and promote academic excellence.


Our vision is to develop creative, curious minds infused with Islamic values by blending advanced education with digital, aesthetic, and life skills required to enjoy a successful life.


We pursue to teach the values of Islam in the light and guidance of the Sunnah. RESPECT, INTEGRITY, CREATIVITY, SUNNAH, HAPPINESS,



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